Sunday, 17 November 2013

Seen your future bride

Hello, how are you??

Crossing the street rght in front of Nankai Namba Station where is the nearest stop to today's workplace.

Today I did a job for wedding ceremony and did the part of groom, which may sound like unusual job for modeling?? :)
While waiting at the waiting rooom, I killed sometime taking photos(selfie). Still need to improve my skill of taking photos as I bought myself this first ever Nikon camera only a month ago.

The concrete jungle of Namba city. It was breathtaking as you can see the pictures here. I wish that I also could see this view in the night, it would probably be even better.

Thinking how small we are and how big this city is, looking down from the height of 35 floor.

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Hava a nice day!

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