Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A boy fresh from the countyside

Today I wanted to have some change in my outfit as wheather was mild and not so chilly. I did the countyboy style or I would say "nerd style" I look like old-fashioned young dad here.

I took out the green Barbour coat and the light brown trousers from Zara which had been sleeping for long time in my wardrobe. It is a dull colour combination to me, I do not like to pick up this two colours together for the main, but wearing them and standing in the middle of the field I could imagine peaceful and quiet life style in the countyside like ones that I have seen in good old films, and the outfit goes well with the location.

Waht I am wearing
Jacket: Barbour
Sweater: Uniqlo
Trousers: ZARA
Shoes: Dr.Martens
Bag: Nikon camera bag

Thanks for reading!
Have a lovely day!

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