Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Like The Modern Ramones

Today I wear the biker jacket with the black converse sneakers just to be simple and standard musician style like The Ramones, and put on blue colour stuff as an attraction colour.

I really like this kind of simple leather style or musician style as I mentioned. I often get inspired by my favourite UK and US indie musicians for what I wear.
If they didn't wear biker or leather jackets as their standard outfits like we all know, I'm not sure if I would've liked their music as much as I do now. Not only their musc but also their fashion always have someting to say to me, and musicians with the biker Jackets on mean a lot to me.

Don't forget to be a bit more modern with the beanie on!

What I am wearing
Jacket: April77
Shirt: Vintage
Trousers: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Converse
Cap: Rageblue(Jap Brand)

Thanks for reading!
Have a lovely day!

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Sheyla said...

I like the laid-back style on guys better as well. They look effortlessly handsome that included.

Nice blog.

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