Thursday, 21 November 2013

Swedish air

Today I did some shooting for this blog, I went downtown to see what is new in stores, expecting that I can get something cool.

H&M on Ebisu bridge in Shinsaibashi which is the first chain store launced in Osaka.

So many People, tourists, shoppers, young and old come across this street non-stopp all day, because in the photo you keep walking a bit to the center of the bridge, you will see probably the most famous tourist spot in Osaka. This place is the heart of it.

this symbolic image of Osaka is easy to find in the Japanese sightseeing books.

Actually just right in front of H&M is Monki and Weekday which are also the first ones for Japan launched in Osaka this June. So the bridge is put between Swedish fast fashion stores. Others like ZARA, Forever 21 and Uniqlo are within 3 min walking distance from here. A lot of young people hanging out around here for shopping or just to be waiting to meet their friends.

I shopped but get nothing today, so maybe next time.

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