Saturday, 18 January 2014

The drifting ship in my dream

It's been a long time since the last post. I acyually got a lot of stuff while the winter sale was on so I can hopefully upload a lot of looks and items from now on. Although I know it's not a matter of  how many clothes I have, it's just a matter of my idea and inspiration to coordinate them well, so I have no exucuse for the lack of my blog posts.

As for the outfit, it's simple as always. This is the first time for my old Uniqlo's fake leather coat to upload on this blog here. I totally forgot that I had this cool outer for long time. It's neccessary to check your wardrobe from time to time so you can find your favourite stuff forgotten. I'm sure there are still more of them sleeping there.

The coat is very light and warm so it doesn't make you tired even if you are wearing it all day in the mid of winter.  It has fluffy fabric inside so it feels good as well.

What I am wearing
Hat: Vintage
Outer : Uniqlo
Shirt: Levis
Trousers: Topman
Boots: Stefano Rossi

Thanks for reading, warm yourself up!
Have a nice day!